Experimental Quantum Physics

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Photonic Entanglement

The experimental realization of quantum information processing is demanding as a coherent evolution of the physical system has to be guaranteed. Therefore, photons as quantum bits (qubits) are ideal candidates due to their negligible decoherence. In the following we will present the experiments performed in our group that implement various aspects of quantum information processing and fundamental studies of entanglement using photons as non-classical information carriers.

  • Multi-photon Entanglement

    Teaser Multiphoton

    While two-photon entanglement can already be used to violate Bell's inequality, entanglement between multiple photons paves the way for many other proof-of-principle realizations of quantum information applications and even stronger violations of Bell inequalities. The experimental observation of multi-photon polarization entangled states constitutes a major part of our scientific work. more

  • Time-energy entanglement in higher dimensional Hilbert spaces

    Teaser HigherDim Entanglement

    This project focuses on the research of novel entangled states and the characterization of their entanglement properties for quantum information purposes. Here, the type of entanglement under study is time-energy entanglement, which is encoded in the emission time of two-photon pairs. more

  • Non-classical interference of momentum entangled photons

    Teaser NCMicroscopy

    By using entangled photons it is possible to overcome the classical resolution limit of optical microscopy. more