Experimental Quantum Physics

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  • Atom-Photon and Atom-Atom Entanglement


    In this project we generate and study entanglement of single trapped Rubidium atoms and single photons. It allows combining the advantages of atomic systems, such as long coherence times and the ability to process quantum states, with the capabilities of photons to carry quantum information over large distances. more

  • Photonic Entanglement

    Teaser Photonic Entanglement

    Entangled photons from parametric downconversion are a versatile resource for quantum information processing, communication and fundamental science. more

  • Free-Space Quantum Cryptography

    Teaser QCrypto 2

    Secure key distribution is performed via free-space optical links using BB84 protocol. more

  • Single Photon Sources


    Luminescent defect sites in diamond are used as efficient single-photon sources. more

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